Bauer Media Group

Corporate Webpage for BauerXcel

For our client the Bauer Media Group we have developed a new client’s website designed for high performance with double caching; first caching lvl on main server (website templates and content cached), and second (geocaching with the Railgun) in the CDN.



amb software positions:

Senior Frontend / JavaScript Developers, Backend Data Structure Designer & Srcum Master

- Development and Implementation of a corporate Website in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3.
- Tailored JavaScript combined with HTML5 optimization for lightness and performance (smooth scrolling, parallax effect, search filters & results etc.).
- Designing the infrastructure of the server environment / infrastructure.
- ez Publish as the backend solution with developed Cloudflare Geocaching module.
- Reviews, bug fixing, refactoring.
- Website content composed with fully adjustable components.
- Editor modification automatically purging component cache.
- Galen Framework used as automated test tool.

Technologies & tools


Used Methodology:

Scrum with supporting tools for communication and continuous integration - environment made of Jenkins for CI, JIRA as SCRUM board, and GitHub as main repository and Slack as a team communication tool.

Technologies & Tools:

JavaScript, HTML5, VanillaJS, CSS3, Jquery, eZ Publish, LESS, Grunt, Gulp, JIRA, Jenkins, Galen Framwork, CI, CloudFlare, GitHub, Facebook, WhatsApp & Google Embading, JIRA, Slack.



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