Fully digitized business processes are no longer a competitive advantage, but a prerequisite for successful business nowadays. amb‘s core competence is helping its customers to conceive, build and maintain custom software and digital solutions in agile, transparent and cost-efficient way. Whether you are challenged with maintaining a custom application supporting internal business processes, or delivering software as part of your product offering – amb can help you achieve technology excellence, quicker time-to-market, uncompromised quality and proven security of your software.



It is not an easy task to find an off-the-shelf software solution that fits your business processes. It is even a greater challenge for such software solution to keep up with growing needs and changing processes. Finally, IT systems do not exist in isolation – you need to be able to involve and exchange data with a continuously growing number of external participants – your customers, suppliers and partners through APIs, as well as make your data accessible through portals or on mobile devices.

amb enables its customers to digitize their business processes “in the flight” with custom software applications. We specialize in delivering quick results, focusing on immediate business value and with uncompromised quality. The modern technologies and global resources enable us to deliver agile IT solutions for our clients – international corporations and family businesses alike – under compressed timeframes and budgets.

amb has developed complex software solutions for world-known customers. We have experience in small web solutions as well as in huge music & video streaming portals. Every new project make our passionated IT hearts beat faster.