The number of available Mobile Apps is growing by leaps and bounds, and all research suggests that it will continue to grow exponentially for some time to come. Every company focused on growth – whether it is B2C, B2B or non-profits – needs to consider their own mobile strategies.

We are here to help!

No matter whether it is your first app or your current one that needs updating, we make sure that your users will have the best experience they deserve. We place your users at the center of your mobile solution which will gain you a huge customer satisfaction. 




At amb, we believe that the best Applications are the ones that exceed the expectations of your users. To reach this goal, we begin with understanding your unique requirements and how you expect your customers to use the app. Then we use world-class processes and talent to drive world-class mobile development that fit your needs, meet your budget and are delivered on time.

We offer applications for mobile devices (smartphones, palmtops, and tablets) for Android and iOS systems. We design and implement both simple mobile applications as well as sophisticated remote data processing systems, front-ends to currently used applications or database environments.

To develop your individual mobile solution, we’ll implement the End-to-End Lifecycle Process.