amb has a number of company own products. We are always investing in new technologies and innovation. Our top developers have always the possibility to work also on our own development projects/products.



The core product of amb software is SAGRO a cemetery management program with an integrated virtual map of the cemetery. SAGRO is a platform that supports the work of cemeteries managers. The system facilitates the management of all activities at the cemetery and improves their control. The solution has been inplemented in many Polish cemeteries.



In our offer you’ll find also a mobile application called Its main function is to report directly issues that are happening around you. The mobile application ZGLASZAM.PL and web service 24.ZGLASZAM.PL are a modern solution for anyone to report all kinds of incidents, accidents, vandalism, or inconvenience. You can make submissions through an internet portal or a mobile application for smartphones, using digital maps and geolocation. Both the application and the portal are designed for quick registration and comprehensive service applications containing content, photo and a geographical position. Reports will be forwarded directly to the appropriate responsible authorities.



ZIEMIALUBUSKA.PL is a regional portal of the Lubuskie region in Poland. amb is the owner and developer of this private held website. You will find a lot of useful information e.g. history, traditions, contact details for the region, as well as cultural events. The website is available in Polish and German.