amb offers several approaches to IT outsourcing, our client’s most favorable include Team Extension, Development Outsourcing or Project Outsourcing.

We always try to select the best approach for every partner individually. Each approach requires a different form of collaboration and communication. It is crucial that both the local company and the dedicated team understand exactly how they will work together and what they can expect from each other.



The first approach is a team extension. You complete your nearshore team consisting of amb software employees who will work as an extension of your local team. You assign them tasks and manage them in the same way you do with your local team members. The local & nearshore team work here together as one. Choosing that kind of approach should be adequate with common rules, which mean very close collaboration & communication between all members of the local & nearshore team. That includes a regular communication via skype meetings or daily video calls, English language proficiency on a high level of all team members, and a very transparent resource planning management. 

Once the work has begun, we try to introduce as soon as possible a deep integration of the team, such an approach of an Agile Dedicated Team will help to eliminate such outsourcing risks as lack of mutual understanding, different treatment of tasks, late & costly recognition that “something isn't right”.

The advantages of a team extension approach?

  • Reduction of expenditures on power, security and network access.
  • Faster, cheaper growth and the ability to use the savings on the customer service.
  • Skills development of local IT specialists.
  • Flexibility in meeting the Clients' evolving needs.
  • On-time project realization guaranty.



The second approach is called development outsourcing. Once the project is designed by a local team (functional specs, architecture) in close collaboration with the end-customer, when everything is clearly defined and approved, the project is submitted to us - your nearshore development partner. From here on a dedicated development team is responsible for the correct implementation and further improvements. The development team and the local team have one Project Manager/Project Owner who will coordinate all ongoing tasks.

What can you gain from outsourcing development approach?

  • Reduction of time used on the development stage.
  • Cooperation with the best IT specialists.
  • More time to focus on the company's main goals.
  • Possibility to carry out many projects simultaneously.
  • Quicker adaptation to market changes.


The third approach called project outsourcing is a beneficial approach, which can guarantee improvements of ongoing activities and faster achievement of business results. It is known as a tool to increase the organization’s productivity, flexibility and quality.The outsourcing team realizes projects that were described by the local team. The projects are completely outsourced to the nearshore partner and consecutive stages of the project development are coordinated by a project manager and a software architect. amb software can run that kind of approach by setting up a longstanding strategic relationship. Because of that, we are able to run many mutual projects instead of just one. It is advantageous in the scope of work arrangement and coordination, because the dedicated team knows the partner's work philosophy and requirements.

The advantages of a project outsourcing approach?

  • Possibility to concentrate on other business goals.
  • Reduction of the employees’ workloads.
  • Cooperation with the best suitable IT specialists regarding to the project requirements.
  • Simplification of the ongoing activities.
  • Clear vision of the future operations, including measurements of cost, pace of work, quality.
  • Quicker delivery of new high quality products/projects to the market.