Nearshoring works just like offshoring except that businesses pair with IT partners in countries that are in close proximity, which eliminates many of the issues related to offshore outsourcing. It saves you time while keeping your costs low.



While Nearshore Outsourcing offers more advantages to most Western European companies than Offshore Outsourcing, there is something that's even better and that's a Nearshore IT Team in Poland. Having a development team in Poland gives your company additional benefits, such as shorter travel time and more cultural alignment between you and your extended team plus the protection of your Intellectual Property through strict EU laws and regulations.



Management Team based in Germany

While our delivery center is based in Zielona Gora, most of our management team works out of Berlin, which gives our customers more security in all business contracts. Our headquarter is located just a 15 minutes drive from the Berlin Tegel Airport in the very heart of Western Berlin.


Responsive & Agile Development Teams

Our regional office in Zielona Gora, is in the same time zone, which means that all stakeholders, from management to IT & Support teams as well as End Users, can collaborate in real time.


Team Building with Shorter Travel Time

Being just a two hours’ drive from Berlin's Schonefeld Airport means your local team and Zielona Gora team can easily travel for more face-to-face interactions, which build more trust and a sense of camaraderie in the teams. Many of our clients invite their teams to spend a week onsite and vice versa.

Stronger Cultural Alignment

Poland and Germany are not just located right next to each other. These two countries have quite a bit in common. All of our developers do not only speak English but they are also due to our bicultural management well-acquainted with German culture and German work ethics.