Engaging a nearshore team on a software development project is a challenging process, especially for companies who have no experience of global operations, or also for those who have tried already, but failed. While the biggest hazards are widely known – right communication of requirements and expectations, and effective control of the progress and the results – finding the best response in your specific case by trial-and-error might be a far too costly endeavor.

amb makes sure that nearshoring works in every specific case and opens new possibilities for international companies. In hundreds of successful software development projects, we ensured our customers benefit from reliable and flexible IT capacities, as well as from the cost-advantage of nearshore teams, focusing on results, quality and efficiency.

In every such engagement, we ensure:

  • An agile requirement definition process to avoid preparation of hundreds of pages of fine-grained specifications;
  • Clear definition of roles and communication flows, ensuring quick knowledge transfer and effective acquaintance with domain and/or proprietary technology;
  • Total project transparency through real-time statuses on tasks, deadlines, deliverables in a centralized online system;
  • Uncompromised quality for all and every deliverable, resulting from mature testing process with quantified quality metrics.



Business builds up more as ever pressure on outsourcing/nearshoring teams for flexibility and cost-efficiency in the IT projects. At the same time software engineering tasks become more versatile and require specialized technical know-how and project experience:

  • Integrating mobile platforms, or
  • migration to new technology, or
  • re-vamping specific software module, or
  • improving maintainability and quality of existing source codebase, or
  • ensuring integration with third-party product.

Additional challenge lies typically in the time pressure, which makes it hardly possible for the in-house team to build-up required technology expertise or free up on a short notice enough capacities from other ongoing activities.

amb offers software development services with nearshore resources. Our customers can rely on 16+ years of our experience and broad technology expertise to tackle their IT challenges in a reliable, transparent and efficient way. We make sure that the mutual project fits into your processes and stays aligned with your business priorities.


Since 2000 amb software with its amb outsourcing IT services helps its customers to embrace nearshore software development as a strategic initiative that targets not only cost-savings, but also the expansion of technology competencies and a possibility to adjust IT capacities in line with business needs.

amb partners with its clients to build dedicated software development teams in nearshore locations, as a best fit for a long-term cooperation. This model ensures that amb’s software engineers work deeply integrated into the client's processes, like an extension of the in-house or IT department.

Our clients benefit from the best industry practices, broad technology know-how, and methodically assured quality by leveraging modern practices for agile delivery, continuous integration, test automation, unattended deployment.

With every client engagement amb aims for long-term, trusted business relationship and walks an extra mile for our customers to also guarantee high nearshore team qualifications, 100% availability of the team for our client's projects, team stability and most attractive commercial terms for long-term commitments.