Continuous Delivery & DevOps: is there any difference? Let us help to understand the difference between the two related but distinct methodologies.

The digitization of services has arrived. We are living in a world ruled by apps. People are communicating with each other through social apps, they are booking concert tickets through mobile device, or scheduling a business trip through the airline app. Companies that understand this change have a unique opportunity to jump ahead of their competitors, acquire customers more quickly and grow revenues.

The battleground for this service development is DevOps. It’s not a product, but instead a methodology for helping companies build teams and build software. DevOps (a compound of ‘development’ and ‘operations’) is a culture, movement or practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other IT professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. It creates a culture and environment where building, testing and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently and more reliably.

Continuous Delivery has become an essential ingredient for teams doing iterative and incremental software delivery. It is an approach whereby teams ensure that every change to the system can be released, and that any version can be released at the push of a button.

Continuous Delivery and DevOps do share common traits though. Both methodologies are aimed at agile and Lean Thinking: each delivers small and quick changes, each relies on tight business an IT collaboration and each share the common goal of faster time to market for new services.

However, the goal of DevOps is merge dev and ops roles together—and the processes they manage—to achieve business goals. It’s all about a common, shared culture and enhanced collaboration. About clearly defined business processes.

We always select a set of development methods best suited for each project, choosing from a toolset that includes varying levels of test automation, continuous integration, automated deployments, Agile Web Development and more.


Are you happy with your development team, but looking to improve quality? Imagine having a specialized and experienced external QA team at your disposal.

We have acquired some of the most innovative QA and automated testing companies in our region incorporating their expertise into our operations. This allows us to offer the best possible level of QA services.



Automation has an essential role to play in both DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Automating DevOps helps your organization manage and secure Continuous Delivery to the business and IT users. The result is a faster, low-risk migration to a new world of composite applications, faster business innovation and better support for rapidly changing business process needs.

We use many different automation tools to test and build your software.This enables bugs to be identified and repaired as quickly as possible and for the software to be tested with hundreds or thousands of tests in just a few hours. Automated builds of your software facilitate frequent releases so that you canrapidly adapt to your market and customer feedback.