For over 18 years amb outsourcing IT services reliably deliver to its customers IT-resource scalability and flexible access to best technical know-how, through its nearshore capacities. We are experts for building distributed global IT-teams that work in a transparent and efficient manner.

These world class developers together with our expertise in outsourcing IT services allow you to focus on the core business operations, while lowering costs and increasing project processing speed. The possibility of choosing between different forms of cooperation like team extension, direct cooperation with outsourced dedicated teams, project development outsourcing or the complete project outsourcing, guarantees meeting every client’s business needs.

amb establishes a mutual agile software development process that works efficiently across geographical and organization boundaries. We ensure that our nearshore or mixed teams continuously deliver high-quality results aligned with the business priorities.



Nearshoring works just like offshoring except that businesses pair with IT partners in countries that are in close proximity, which eliminates many of the issues related to offshore outsourcing. It saves you time while keeping your costs low. AMB NEARSHORING. YOUR TEAM NEXT DOOR!While Nearshore Outsourcing offers more advantages to most Western European companies than Offshore Outsourcing, there is something tha...



NEARSHORING-ENABLEMENTEngaging a nearshore team on a software development project is a challenging process, especially for companies who have no experience of global operations, or also for those who have tried already, but failed. While the biggest hazards are widely known – right communication of requirements and expectations, and effective control of the progress and the results – finding the best resp...



DevOps & CONTINUOUS DELIVERY Continuous Delivery & DevOps: is there any difference? Let us help to understand the difference between the two related but distinct methodologies.The digitization of services has arrived. We are living in a world ruled by apps. People are communicating with each other through social apps, they are booking concert tickets through mobile device, or scheduling a business t...



CHOOSING THE BEST PRICING MODEL Whoever faced the software development delivery process knows that there is a high level of risk involved. The process of agreeing a pricing model can easily turn into a game of “who will take the risk?”. To prevent that kind of situation, we would like to discuss individually the pros and cons of each model and show you how to combine them in order...



amb offers several approaches to IT outsourcing, our client’s most favorable include Team Extension, Development Outsourcing or Project Outsourcing.We always try to select the best approach for every partner individually. Each approach requires a different form of collaboration and communication. It is crucial that both the local company and the dedicated team understand exactly how they will work together...