The Cloud Assessment is an evaluation of your applications & workloads to migrate to AWS. A detailed assessment of your current cloud maturity and evaluation of team talent, goals, and IT governance practices.


Cloud Assessment

Transform your application portfolio with a cloud-first approach to significantly reduce costs and increase IT flexibility. We analyze your application portfolio to determine how best to support your business goals with cloud-based applications and how you can maximize the benefits of workloads in the cloud.

Every cloud migration must start collecting the right information from the right business units. Detailed business and technical information help in setting priorities and unifying business leaders.

Our engineers and strategists will guide your team through a series of interactive exercises to assess goals, collect requirements, and prioritize the initial phase of our Cloud Assessment as a foundation for your cloud adoption strategy.

  • PORTFOLIO EVALUATION to collect information on the condition of portfolio applications.
  • KPI FRAMEWORK to measure operational, technical and financial impact on the company in real-time.
  • CLOUD MATURITY MAP to consolidate information to determine a rough prioritization of cloud migration.
  • SAFETY ANALYSIS to understand safety and current weaknesses.

We can help your team assess current technologies, conduct risk assessments, and collect requirements to help you build a solid foundation for cloud adoption. Our proven methodology gives companies the opportunity to make the right decisions.