From developing a cloud strategy, to managing a hybrid environment, our complete portfolio of services delivers a cloud-first way of working for the enterprise.

We define a cloud strategy driven by your business goals. We’ll assess your cloud readiness, develop the business case, find the right solutions, and guide your transformation.

Whether you are developing applications or migrating your email to a cloud offering, amb is here to help. amb has been living in the cloud since the beginning and can help architect a solution that works for you and your company. We have many successful infrastructure as a service deployment.



amb Cloud Services aim to be the leading provider of integrated business cloud solutions. We help companies to grow by providing cost effective, end-to-end business solutions that are integrated, upgradeable and adaptable. We offer business analysis, consulting and solutions in Cloud Services.amb is also well known for its very extensive technical support department, which offers solutions in...



The Cloud Assessment is an evaluation of your applications & workloads to migrate to AWS. A detailed assessment of your current cloud maturity and evaluation of team talent, goals, and IT governance practices. Cloud AssessmentTransform your application portfolio with a cloud-first approach to significantly reduce costs and increase IT flexibility. We analyze your application portfolio to determine how b...



We turn your cloud-first ambition into reality, with an efficient and high-quality approach to move your workloads to the cloud. By defining the right architecture and with our industrialized migration approach, we optimize time-to-value, while reducing risk and cost.You have defined a cloud strategy and identified the applications to be moved to the cloud. The next step is the planning and managing in detail of the...



Cloud implementation alone will not transform your business. To realize the true power of the cloud, your team needs automation tools and DevOps methodologies to move faster, iterate frequently, and build better products.  MANAGED CLOUD - TRANSFORMING YOUR ITAs cloud technology evolves, the entire cloud lifecycle is growing more complex. Most companies realize quickly that a seamless cloud experience c...



We are constantly growing in this still quite new field of Cloud Services. We are currently expanding our offer to our own service which we call AMB CLOUD SOLUTION. 

This solution involves capacity scaling, cloud storage and performance on demand.