"At amb, we understand the power and value of innovation, and therefore we are committed to long-term investments in research and development. amb’s mission to go beyond our clients’ expectations with the highest quality standards, new technology, top talents, and innovation is what drives our dedication to foster a culture of cutting-edge IT solutions development and technological advancement."

amb software was founded by entrepreneur Juanita Goniewicz in 2000 in Zielona Góra. The first company was amb software which developed later into as we call it – the amb group. Today the amb group consists of different companies forming one team in the name of the amb group.

amb software has more than 22 years of experience in the European IT Market, many satisfied customers, typically bonded with amb for many years. Our teams, built-up on very qualified and experienced professionals, represent unique skills and attitude, openness and an customer-oriented approach.

amb has now over 50 employees in 2 locations – one is the headquarter in Berlin/Germany and a regional office and development center in Zielona Góra/Poland and we are still growing.

Our IT house amb software has been expanding throughout the years.

With ambbeacons, we create beacons based environments and tailored made app solutions such as indoor navigation and positioning, visual and audio guidance, assistive technologies for disabled and advanced analytics.

Our amboutsourcing IT services will help you to build a dedicated team. We offer several approaches to IT outsourcing and nearshoring.

For each solution and product, there’s always a similar set of sub-processes of a Lifecycle Management, that need to be addressed. Our comprehensive skills allow us to address all aspects of the workflow used during managing any product lifecycle. We call it amb360.



We have been working hard and have developed fast since 2000. Today we are proud to have a solid brand which stands for...





The success of our company lies in the talents we are proud to call our amb family. Further, the combination of Competence & Passion as well as Quality & Innovation result in a high Customer Satisfaction.


Here at amb, you will find some of Europe’s best talents. Great projects are the essential component of amb software. We offer a wide palette of projects. This is always a reassurance to gain to our side the best talents and to keep them developing skills and knowledge. We are very proud of our team which makes our company a successful IT partner for many world-known companies. 


Our world class developers and our expertise in outsourcing IT services allow you to focus on the core business operations, while lowering costs and increasing project processing speed. The possibility of choosing between different forms of cooperation guarantees meeting every client’s business needs. Let’s give it a try! We can help you to take out the “fear” of outsourcing.