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eZ Publish

eZ Publish is not only a traditionally understandable content management system, but - above all – a powerful and flexible software platform. With its help, you can in a relatively short time translate any idea into a well-functioning, dynamic website. eZ Publish works perfectly, both with medium-sized corporate websites, as well as complex web portals.

Among amb software employees you’ll find many excellent certified eZ Publish developers



Increase traffic to your website with people looking for goods or services you offer. We give you the opportunity to reach millions of Internet users. There is no other mass medium that allows you such an effective contact with potential customers.

Online stores, E-commerce

Among all sales stores the group of online shops is the most important one. Trade moves today to the virtual world which makes the creation of new online shops a marketing necessity. Writing about online shops you cannot forget about mobile applications supporting the process of purchase.
There are many possibilities - we are here to choose the best ones with you for your business.

Online stores, E-commerce

Mobile solutions


The team

With the huge amount of news we often don’t know which one would be the best for us. If you're not sure how to exploit the potential of mobile applications, please allow us to present you our ideas. An experienced team will support you at every stage of creating native applications.



Android is currently the most common platform dedicated to mobile devices. On the Polish market it is represented with a much higher percentage than iOS. If you need a native application for Android, you've come to the right page. No matter at what stage of your project you are - whether you've got an interface design already, a first draft or just a vague idea - we can help you to create it from the very beginning: starting with the choice of names, logos, visual identification, determination of functionality, ending by placing it in the iStore and Google Play.

Apple Inc.


Native applications are written in a language which is based on the operating system of a smartphone or tablet. The most common systems on the market are Android (Java) and iOS, the last one is the one iPhone and iPad are based on (Objective-C). Native applications are fast and smooth, are pleasure to use and have access to all features of the device itself (smartphone or tablet). There are over a million applications in App Stores, and their number is constantly growing. Join this group and create your own mobile app for iOS!

Software solutions

music streaming portal

This music streaming portal consists of 20 million titles and nearly 60,000 music videos. The originator of the site is the largest private TV station in Germany. The service was made using the Magnolia CMS. The entire product is available in both a web and a mobile version (applications for Android and iOS). You can listen to music online as well as offline. The portal is available in Germany and Switzerland. In addition to the current development of the portal a special maintenance team was created, which ensures the availability of the portal 24/7. The portal is run on several servers at the same time that way traffic can be split even at the portal’s peak time, for example following television advertising in prime time.

Short facts: advanced back-end solutions in Java and front-end in JavaScript; integrations (Subscription, Social Media, Content Delivery, Payment and Billing); manual and automated tests (among others JUnit, Selenium, TestNG); SONAR quality monitoring system; 24/7 support; integration with external service providers; SCRUM methodology with JIRA Agile.

Sklepy w wersji mobilnej, mobile e-commerce

Stores as mobile version

This project was commissioned by the Italian mobile operator. In particular, it offers games for mobile device users. It was made in both a mobile version - for phones and tablets, as well as in a PC version. The page can be opened not only on high-end devices, but also on older models. Supported mobile operating systems are: Android v 2.3 and above, Symbian, Blackberry, and iOS.

The amb software team did not only create the front-end pages, but also connected the shop module with other modules like content management, subscription and payment product portfolio (the so-called wallet) modules.

A project for the German Institute for Innovation

A project for the German Institute for Innovation

A student academic portal dedicated to the exchange of scientific experience and knowledge. The website is currently under construction. It will feature a graphical wizard, and use a drag-and-drop function. The service will feature advanced technology at the front end in Javascript, and the back end in Java.

Intersport Sportpoint

A network of sport shops in Germany.  The ambsoftware team implemented and customised the website content management system based on eZ Publish. As part of a special campaign, we created a loyalty card system with external service providers. The system is also available as an app for iOS.



SOPRA an employee evaluation system

An assessment is a comprehensive tool and one of the most important parts of a human resource management system. It can be in fact used in all areas of HR functions. Using our experience we will be happy to help you to implement an electronic assessment system in your company.

SAGRO a cemetery management program

SAGRO is an application that supports the work of cemetery managers. The system facilitates the management of all activities in the cemetery and improves their control and work. If you wish to receive a demo version or network version with an unlimited number of cemeteries and graves, please contact us via phone under: 68 453 70 40.