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HTTPS ranks higher

Google opted for a small but significant change in their algorithm. Pages using the secure HTTPS protocol will be rewarded in search results. What will be the consequences? Google decided to encourage website administrators to use pages from a secured HTTPS. Although it makes up only one percent of all websites, it can now become part of the struggle for position in search rankings.

Google Experts acknowledged that the safety of users who provide HTTPS is most important. The movement, which takes place in this protocol is much more difficult to track for unauthorized persons. Therefore it’s easier to defend against various forms of cyber-attacks. The transmission between us and the site is in fact encrypted.

However, Google’s plan has a certain risk. As reported by The Verge such a change in the algorithm may impair the operation of some servers, affiliate programs, it can also bring unexpected consequences. Even raise prices for hosting for individuals and small businesses can be a consequence as each user will be forced to purchase the appropriate SSL key.