Not only North America, but also the Arabian Peninsula

We’ve already reported about the mission to the United States, but this is not our only long distance journey associated with new business opportunities! Today two of our specialists are flying to Qatar. Our representatives were invited to a business meeting in regards to future business cooperation. We are proud and happy that our services found interest in Qatar. Good luck, and traditionally we keep our fingers crossed!

In 2015, Qatar will host the World Cup in handball, while in 2022 in football; maybe there will be an opportunity to implement something until the sports events start :).

A trip to Silicon Valley


The Organization of Employers for the Lubuskie Region (Organizacja Pracodawców Ziemi Lubuskiej) invited representatives of the IT industry on an economic mission to the United States. From 20 applications the OPZL chose 10 IT companies that will fly to Silicon Valley. Among them we’ll find amb software. All mission participants will have the opportunity to participate in the TechWeek Fair in Los Angeles, and the Polish-American Innovation Week in San Francisco. Organizers have also planned some meetings with the Polish business community, American advisers, and a visit at Stanford University. »

HTTPS ranks higher

Google opted for a small but significant change in their algorithm. Pages using the secure HTTPS protocol will be rewarded in search results. What will be the consequences? Google decided to encourage website administrators to use pages from a secured HTTPS. Although it makes up only one percent of all websites, it can now become part of the struggle for position in search rankings.

9 key elements of a mobile page

Experts from ActiveMobi, a company specializing in the creation of mobile sites, prepared an infographic that shows the 9 most important principles of mobile design and content creation.

2015 - a landmark year for tablets

"According to the latest research from Gartner, the number of devices sold in 2014 will exceeds 2.4 billion. Devices considered in this study are: computers, tablets and smartphones. According to Gartner’s forecasts, more tablets than personal computers will be sold next year